How to get rid of chapped lips permanently and naturally

In general, dry air is the main cause of chapped lips and even skin. Of course, other factors cannot be ignored. What should I do if my lips are cracked? Here are some ways to use wed114. Let’s take a look.

First, how to do with cracked lips?

1. The lips should be exfoliated regularly, but because the lips are relatively weak, you should choose the appropriate exfoliating product for your actual situation, and the technique should be gentle. If there are more dead skins, you can remove them directly with a lip scrub. Usually, wash your face, you can also mix olive oil and moisturizing lotion in a ratio of 1:1, gently apply a circle with a lip and massage to gently remove dead skin. At the same time, olive oil also has a powerful moisturizing effect, which is especially easy to absorb for the lips.

2. The dry environment will accelerate the loss of moisture in the lips, and the lips will easily float. Massage with vaseline on the dry lip is the most common first aid method. For dry pleats with excessive moisture loss, you can use a high moisturizing eye cream before bedtime, apply lips and lip skin, pat until absorbed and apply a thick layer of lip balm. The next day is in front of your eyes is the soft and tender lips. The benefits of this are also to dilute the lip lines and fine lines on the corners of the mouth. This is also a trick that many supermodels are used to. In addition, honey, olive oil, brown sugar, etc. are all good helpers for lip protection.

3. When making daily makeup, if you feel that your lips are too dry, apply a towel soaked in hot water to your lips for 3 to 5 minutes. Then use lipstick to make it look very soft and shiny.

4. There is obvious relaxation. When wrinkles are generated, anti-wrinkle cream containing active wrinkle-removing effect should be selected. Usually, such skin care products contain vitamin A derivatives and antioxidant components (such as sulfur-induced keratinous poplar and other ingredients). ).

5. As with what to do with dry eyes, many people have misunderstandings. Don’t lick your lips. When your lips are dry, many people will lick their lips, thinking that this will keep their lips away from dryness. I don’t know, this habit is Harmful. When the lips are licked with the tongue, the water that comes with it quickly evaporates, making the lips drier. Such a vicious cycle eventually caused a similar eczema effect on the lips, making the skin at the corners of the mouth rough and not the same color as the surrounding skin.

6. If your lips are already cracking, try not to let your lips touch the water again.

7. Lip balm should be used when the lips are healthy. If the lips have begun to peel off, stop using them. If there is already signs of suppuration, use penicillin or erythromycin ointment to apply to the place of suppuration.

8. Toothpaste is also very useful for dealing with the cracking of the lips, because the toothpaste contains mint or other bactericidal ingredients, which can play a very good role.


Second, increase the habit of chapped lips

1, lips

When your lips feel dry, don’t always use your tongue to rub your lips. Because saliva contains proteolytic peptides, it will make your lips dry and even crack. You should always apply lip balm.

2, licking lips

Because licking your lips will not only moisten your lips, but will accelerate the evaporation of water from your lips and make your lips dry. Rubbing your lips is harmful to your skin.

3, tearing the lips of the dead skin by hand

This is a very dangerous habit, tearing it by hand, it is easy to cause bleeding of the lips, and even cause bacterial invasion to cause inflammation. If this happens, remember to apply a deep moisturizing lip care product. If the situation is serious, you will need to see a doctor.

4, before applying lipstick or lip gloss, apply lip balm

Usually, the grease of lipstick or lip gloss is mostly composed of synthetic esters. It is often used to make the skin of the lips drier. Before use, be sure to apply a lip balm that has the effect of repairing and moisturizing the lips.

5, do not carry lip care products:

Usually drinking water, eating, using a napkin to grind these routine habits will actually cause dry skin of the lips, don’t forget to carry lip balm with you, to help the lips to add moderate oil components at any time, to avoid the lips are dry at any time status.

6, like to tear off the dead skin of the lips with your hands or with your lips

Direct “biting” can cause wounds, make the lips “injured” more, can apply a little lipstick to the toothbrush or Vaseline directly on the peeling lips, which will help the dead skin fall off. If you can’t clean all the dead skins at once, you can’t force the dead skin to be removed. As long as the moisturizing of the lips is strengthened, it will gradually improve.

7, lipstick every day

Applying lipstick for a long time will make the lips dry. It is best to have no makeup for two days a week, so that the lips can rest, but still apply a colorless lip balm.

8, use inferior lipstick

Some women are cheap, like to buy irregular lipstick, it is not advisable. Experts caution that the use of unqualified lipsticks produces a “phototoxic” response in visible light. That is to say, after the lips are exposed to the components of the lipstick that can absorb certain light-sensitive substances, after a certain period of sunshine, the cells in the cells covered by the lipstick may be damaged, and in severe cases, lip cancer may occur.

Chapped lips

Third, the lips are chapped or related to the spleen and stomach

Many people fall into the autumn and winter season, and their lips are so cracked. The reason for this phenomenon is due to the lack of water in the body, and on the other hand, because drinking too much cold drink in summer, causing damage to the spleen and stomach, not timely conditioning, and thus reflected on the lips, so the spleen is to prevent chapped lips. The essential.

It is possible to spleen and tonify blood by means of tonic or medicine. Usually you can eat more yam, which has the effect of nourishing yin and spleen. You can also eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, such as soybean sprouts, rape, cabbage, white radish and other vitamins. Fresh vegetables, as well as fresh fruits with plenty of water, such as pears, can increase the body’s moisture and reduce the dryness of the lips; in addition, you should eat more yin and lungs, such as sesame seeds and honey. Try to eat less irritating food such as onions and garlic, and drink less alcohol because alcohol will accelerate the evaporation of water in the body.

As for the medicine, Ophiopogon japonicus and raw water are fried and drink, which has the effect of nourishing yin; Angelica and Shouwu can be fried in water, and can also be added during soup and cooking, and has a blood-supplying effect.

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