How to get rid of migraine permanently and effectively

If left untreated, the symptoms of migraine can last from 4 hours to 3 days. Being in an environment that helps relieve migraine, using a trusted natural or medical treatment can help treat this headache that makes your head feel bloody. Here are some ways to try it out.

Natural treatment

Take appropriate supplements. [1] Taking supplements recommended after the study, such as vitamin B2, wild chamomile, melatonin, coltsfoot, coenzyme Q10 and magnesium supplements, can help you get rid of migraine headaches.
Supplements made with Coltsfoot are one of the most effective supplements and are generally believed to prevent migraine and relieve pain during the attack. When used as a receptor to block medicinal use, it can reduce inflammation, stabilize blood flow, and prevent vasospasm. But make sure that the supplement you are taking is free of phosphatidic acid. Take 50mg.
Vitamin B2, riboflavin, can also reduce the frequency of migraine attacks and relieve pain. Taking 400mg of vitamins a day can reduce the rate of attack by half, and it can temporarily relieve pain when taken during the attack.
Wild chamomile, melatonin and coenzyme Q 10 do not alleviate the pain of migraine attacks, but long-term use can reduce the number of episodes.
The role of magnesium has not yet been fully clarified. If it is a migraine caused by the physiological cycle, taking 500mg of magnesium supplement can relieve the pain, but if it is for other reasons, it is not certain whether it is effective.

A cup of lavender flower tea, other effective herbs can also be used. Herbal tea can soothe the body, relieve tension that may trigger migraine, and shorten the time of attack. Lavender, ginger, mint and pepper all have this effect.
Lavender can reduce vascular inflammation and is the most effective plant for treating stress and anxiety and the resulting migraine. In addition to drinking lavender flower tea, dry lavender sachets or hot wraps can be applied to the eyes to relieve pain.
Ginger, mint and pepper are inherently analgesic. Ginger and mint can reduce the nausea caused by migraine. Ginger can dilute the blood, so if the blood is very thin, it can’t be used.
Adding pepper to the herbal tea can drive away migraine. Soak 1 inch (2.5 cm) fresh ginger, 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of dried chili and 2 cups (500 ml) of boiling water for 15 minutes. [2]

Consider using caffeine. For migraine, caffeine is a double-edged sword. Eating too much can cause migraine, but when a migraine attacks, a small amount of caffeine can relieve pain.
You can only eat a small amount of caffeine: soda, a cup of coffee, a cup of tea or a chocolate bar, you can not drink a functional beverage with high caffeine content.
Remember, caffeine is only effective if the migraine is not caused by caffeine.

Massage two squats and neck. Migraine is closely related to stress. Sometimes, a quick and simple massage can relieve the tight muscles and blood vessels, thus slowing down the symptoms of migraine.
Gently massage the two sides, the neck side and the nape of the back with the index finger and middle finger of both hands.
To make the massage more effective, soak your hands in ice water before you massage. Cold water can cause blood vessels to contract, which slows the flow of blood in the head.

Do a professional massage. [3] If you can make an appointment to a professional masseur who can treat migraine, it must be better than your own massage at home.
A professional masseur can accurately find the stiff areas of the neck and upper back. If the masseur is very experienced in the treatment of migraine, then he must know how much force to use for massage to treat migraine and potential causes.
Note that an inexperienced masseur may use too much force to aggravate the symptoms.

Mild migraine can be treated by doing aerobic exercise. As long as you are able to move when you have a seizure, a little aerobic exercise can improve blood flow and eliminate pain.
Aerobic exercise that can be tried when a migraine attack occurs is brisk walking, jogging, cycling, and swimming.
As the heart beats, the blood circulation is improved and smoothed, preventing blood from rushing to the brain.
In fact, exercise can relax and release all kinds of stress and tension that may trigger migraine.

Try emergency acupuncture. Some people have been cured by acupuncture, while others have failed. If you have tried all other methods and are not effective, and you can make an appointment to a professional acupuncturist, then this method is worth a try.
Professional physicians relieve stress on the head and neck by applying acupuncture to different pressure points.
Studies have shown that doing acupuncture treatments every three months can reduce the degree of pain and reduce the frequency of attacks.
Other experiments have also shown that acupuncture can relieve pain during headaches and migraine attacks. [4]

Medical treatment

Take an over-the-counter painkiller. [5] Hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics can alleviate migraine by reducing vascular inflammation.
Hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs are naproxen and ibuprofen. The painkillers have aspirin and antipyretic.
In order to make the effect better, you need to take painkillers within 30 minutes of the migraine attack. It can be late, but the duration of migraine will become longer.
Do not take more than twice a week, in order to prevent the recurrence of migraine after stopping taking the medicine.

Use over-the-counter painkillers with caffeine. Some painkillers add a small amount of caffeine, which causes vasoconstriction and better pain relief.
These drugs usually add a small amount of caffeine to aspirin or antipyretic.
Studies have shown that these drugs work 20 minutes faster than caffeine-free drugs.
Just like other over-the-counter painkillers, these drugs should be taken within the first 30 minutes of a migraine attack, no more than twice a week.

Take the prescription drug Qutan. It tightens the blood vessels, preventing blood from rushing to the head.
Studies and experiments have shown that many migraine patients have significantly relieved pain within an hour of taking the drug, and the pain disappeared completely in two hours.
The number of triptans taken within one month cannot exceed 17 times. The body is prone to dependence on this drug, in order to prevent migraine rebound.
Note that if you have a history of heart disease and stroke, you cannot take triptans.

Let the doctor give you dihydroergotamine and ergotamine. Both prescription drugs can contract the blood vessels in the head. In addition to being able to soothe the aorta, it also reduces nausea and reduces light sensitivity caused by migraine.
Such drugs are generally nasal sprays or injections.
Injections are disposable, and if you have frequent migraine attacks, your doctor may ask you to use nasal sprays.

Environmental therapy

Turn off the light. Many migraine headaches are caused by sensory stimuli, such as the light is too bright or too flashy. Turn off the lights, drop the blinds, or move to a dark room to calm your senses.
Stay in the dark room until the migraine disappears. If you don’t have a good time, stay in it as long as possible.
Wear sunglasses when necessary. If you have to go out and the outside sun is glaring, you can wear polarized sunglasses to filter out the glare. This effect may not match the darkroom, but it still works.

Try to eliminate noise. Like glare, noise can cause migraine. Turn off all background noise, such as radios and televisions, or move to a quiet place.
If you can’t move to a single room, you can take noise-cancelling headphones to block all the noise from the outside world.
Some people think that being too quiet can make people feel nervous. If you are also in this situation, you can turn on a white noise machine (which can make sounds like sleep, rain, etc.) or an air purifier, and the sound they emit will alleviate the surrounding environment. You can also listen to light music and never listen to high-pitched tunes.

Lie down and rest. Excessive stress and lack of sleep can induce migraine. When the migraine begins to attack, lie down and close your eyes for a few minutes.
Resting for 5-30 minutes can help treat migraine.
Note that too much sleep can cause migraine, and if you are in this situation, avoid lying for too long.

Take a deep breath. Taking a deep breath can relax your body and relieve any stressors that may trigger migraine.
Lying flat, put a pillow under the head and knees, and bend the thigh slightly.
Place your dominant hand on your chest and your other hand below your chest.
Slowly inhale with your nose until you feel your abdomen is pushing your non-dominant hands.
Tighten the abdomen and pout slowly to exhale the gas.
The dominant hand remains motionless throughout the process.
Do this for five minutes.

Cold compress method. Applying a cold towel to the painful head can cause the blood vessels to contract, slowing the flow of blood to the head. [6]
Wet a soft, clean towel and apply it to the forehead or nape for 10-15 minutes. After 10-15 minutes of rest, apply a towel and repeat this action until the migraine disappears.
In some cases, low temperatures can exacerbate headaches, if you feel headaches in the first five minutes of treatment, stop immediately and try other methods.
Write a migraine diary. [7] When a migraine attack occurs, record the surrounding environment, sensory stimuli (such as glare, noisy, odor, etc.), stress causes, eating habits, and sleep habits. After a few times, find out the common points before the migraine attack. These commonalities are the predisposing factors of migraine. In the future, it is necessary to avoid contact to prevent migraine attacks.

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