How to grow beard naturally at home without medicine

Many men love to have a beard. Many people think that beard-mustache is also a matter of pride. So maybe ‘How to grow beard naturally even at home’ is a popular topic in Google search. A man’s age is usually 13 to 14 years. There is a lot of change in his body usually after the age of 13 to 14 years. This change happens due to the male hormone. At this time, beard grew in the face due to the stimulus of dihydrotestosterone or DHT hormone. Dihydrotestosterone hormone is released from testosterone, its level is varied in different seasons. It increases the beard rapidly in the summer. Due to this testosterone hormone problem, sometimes the beard of some people grow after the actual age. However, in many cases, due to a genetic issue, beard in the face become less or grow lately. As it is all about related to our hormone. It is not possible to say that medication will work to grow a beard. It is mostly dependent on hormones.
You have passed from your teenage to youth. But you have not seen the beard in your face. Again many boys have seen the beard grow in the face but do not tell them to bearded completely. Some beard somewhere, there is no one else again. Many teenagers who are suffering from this problem may not be able to say shame. Good to know that this is not a permanent problem.

There are some faster ways to grow full face beard on cheeks at home naturally.
Amla (Amalaki):

Amla contains plenty of vitamin C, antioxidants as well as nutrients too. Each of these three components contributes to growing new beard faster naturally, helps to increase the week beard, prevent from falling beard and also prevent the beard from being reddish. Massage your mouth with 15 to 20 minutes of Amalki oil. Then wash the face with cold water.


Well Sleep:

It is important to have a beard well and quickly but to sleep well. It helps in the reconstruction of damaged cells. A physical process that is very essential for a sufficient sleeping body. Sleep completes your body full of physical spaces every day and the body’s immune system stays strong enough to help. At this time the constant companion of the stress people. Stress is made from everything from work, jam, trouble. And nothing can be more effective than sleep to overcome stress.


Eucalyptus helps to grow a beard. Do skin massage with eucalyptus-rich moisturizer. Eucalyptus oil and clove oil strengthens hair follicles by activating blood circulation in the palm of the head. Due to hair thickening, it helps prevent hair loss and helps to grow new hair. If you use eucalyptus-rich moisturizers or creams, your beard will grow rapidly. Growth of beard density also.

Take some vitamins:

Some vitamins and minerals help to grow rapidly. Keep Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Vitamin E-rich foods in the diet. Vitamin C and B complex help in growing the mustache-beard. Take the necessary vitamins capsule with the doctor’s advice. Eat more than Vitamin C foods. Sunlight contains a lot of Vitamin D, which means that beard can grow rapidly.

Eat protein-rich food:

Put protein-rich foods on the diet. Eat fish, meat, eggs, and nuts. The beard will grow rapidly in it. Add tin-rich foods to the diet. Eggs, fish, meat, nuts, etc., in a way, if you want to take it fast, then eat protein-rich foods. These faces will help grow the beard rapidly. And some vitamins and minerals also help to remove the beard faster. Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E in the diet do not forget to eat e-rich foods.

Do facial massage:

Facial massage increases blood circulation. It helps to grow hair. So often massage the face. Besides, do the trim beard for six months.Regular use of the skin is clean. And the skin can be beautiful enough to sit in the house. Skin supplements can be done through cleaner, exfoliator, and steam. Regular use of the skin will become beautiful. As far as the day goes, the skin increases. And since the first face of the face is visible, it needs regular care, so that the youth is maintained. Regular facial and facial massage help skin cells regenerate. As a result, the skin becomes more youthful. According to a study, massage causes blood circulation. This is the same thing in the face. As a result of the massage, both the oxygen and nutrients reach the skin. As a result, the skin spreads more sheen. With age, skin allergy decreases naturally. The loss of skin through facials is greatly reduced. In this case, the experienced therapist will have to be faced with the right equipment.

Lead stress-free life:

If the emotional pressure is less then the beard rapidly grows. So try to reduce stress by meditating or yoga.

Stress is the name of a chronic, our body has no organs where there is no harm in the stress. Stress has an adverse effect on aging, hair follicles, hair loss, heart disease, stroke, and almost everything else … Meditation technique has been used for thousands of years just to reduce stress.

If people are in stress, they are very old, hair fall, hair goes out.
The reason is because
* At the heart, metabolism increases in the body by free radicals as the product, which increases the cell’s damage to the cell.
* Stroke heat shock protein increases, which increases the oxidative flow.
* Stress quickly short Telomere , so the cell is rapidly aged.

Regular Exercise:

Exercise if your body’s hormonal balance is OK. The beard is rapidly growing and dense. Besides, jogging helps in depression, neurological weakness. Increasing the prevention of disease, jogging in the prevention of beauty and quick aging is unimaginable. While exercising, muscle masses improve the circulation of the blood vessels and massaging the body. Through the exercise, long breathing action is triggered, red blood cells supply more oxygen gas to millions of cells in the body. There is a rule of blood circulation system and it is that blood is deposited in the body where more work or action is achieved. Over a long period of time, different types of studies can cause headaches because there is more blood present in it. The best way to balance blood circulation is to exercise or exercise.

Eat vegetables:

Eat plenty of green vegetables: There will be a needle-growing supplement to it. Get the vitamins needed to grow a beard from these vegetables. Apart from Carbohydrate, Protein or Fat, Minerals and Vitamins are one of the key roles in our body. All the vitamins and minerals required by the body are in winter fresh vegetables and vegetables. So taking regular vegetables and vegetables needed to keep the body fit. One of the main types of winter vegetables is cabbage, cauliflower, cauliflower, bean, carrot, lettuce, spinach, broccoli, etc.

Clean the skin:

It is very important to clean the skin after returning home in the evening and before going to bed at night. During the whole of the day, a little bit of dust, furrowed oil, sunscreen, makeup, etc are stored on our skin. Every time dead cells are stored in our skin. We get out of the house almost every day. If you go outside, there is a dust cover above the skin in any season. Dust would not go from the face as a result of using facewash only after returning home.. And to clear these dust, you need to clean the skin surface every day. But it is not possible to scrape every day. So you have to lighten the surface of the skin and make it clear in some other way. For this, wash face with a face wash first. This will clear loose dirt. Then clean the mouth with the cotton and then cotton the raw milk. Cotton that turns black will prove how much dirt was in your skin.

Onion juice:

Hair is made from proteins, which gets energy from keratin. In the absence of sulfur, hair growth increased. Onion juice has abundant sulfur. The movement of blood on the skin is increased where the onion juice is applied. Even sulfur helps to grow new hair follicles by increasing your skin’s collagen production. It contains anti-bacterial components that prevent various diseases and germs.


Take rest:

Our body cell takes rest during sleeping and eliminates poisonous substances from our body. Some important hormone emitted from our body during sleeping. Sufficient sleep enhances the body’s efficiency. Take a lot of rest throughout the day. As a result, cells damaged by the skin will recover. The beard will grow faster.


Sports increases blood circulation and helps to reach nutrition to all organs. Blood circulation is relatively high during sports. As a result, it helps to reach the nutrition component to all parts of the body and this increases the amount of blood and hemoglobin in the body.

Nothing can show masculinity more than a thick beard. The beard has some unique meanings that make you think you can fight a bear, catch a fish by hand or participate in other activities that show a man’s style. However, long beards are not as simple as throwing away your razor. It takes time, energy and superhuman restraint. Here are some tips on how to store a thick, shiny beard.

Trim and keep thick

Don’t rush to trim your beard. You should not trim it in the first 4 weeks of your beard. Everyone’s hair grows at a different speed, so your beard may grow slower than others. Wait patiently before you trim and see how many beards you can grow. The more the beard, the easier it is to trim.

Choose the style of the beard: After the beard has grown naturally for 4 to 6 weeks, you can start thinking about the beard style you want. You can let the beard grow naturally – wild, staggered and undeniably masculine. Or you can modify it to make a goatee, beard combination or a refined chin strap or soul patch. In this way, you have an unusual but masculine hustle and bustle, and you can choose the style!

Trim the beard: When you have chosen a good style, you can carefully trim the beard. If this is your first time, you can consider going to the barber shop for professional pruning.
If you trim yourself, use a good trimmer to outline the neckline before trimming other beards. It is usually best to follow the cheek line to avoid trimming the oddly shaped beard.

Use shampoo regularly: Your beard needs regular care and attention to stay in top shape. Try to use a gentle shampoo every day (or almost every day) to keep your beard clean, remove residual food, and use a conditioner to help keep the beard strong and thick.

Use protective oil: If your beard comes into contact with stimulating elements or chemicals – for example, skiing or swimming in a place full of chlorine – you should apply a thin layer of oil, such as jojoba or grape seed oil, which can pass Protect your beard by locking in moisture and preventing loss of natural oils.

If all of this doesn’t work, then wait a few years. If your beard doesn’t look as you expect and decides to give up, don’t lose hope. You can try again for a few years, and facial hair will increase over time. That’s why you often see older men with beards.

Speed ​​up beard growth

Good diet. Maintaining the body by improving the diet can promote the growth of the beard. Because the beard is made up of protein, protein-rich foods are good for beards such as oily fish, lean beef and muscle. You should also try to get healthy saturated fats such as nuts, fish and eggs. These foods increase testosterone levels and help the beard grow healthy and dense.
Green leafy vegetables, such as spinach and kale, are also good choices for diet because they help your body metabolize estrogen (estrogen) and maintain high levels of testosterone.
You should eat less junk food with high sugar content. These foods are not nutritious, causing your beard to be fragile and fragile.

Supplement vitamins: Vitamin supplementation can stimulate the healthy growth of the beard. Perhaps the supplement that can maximize the growth of whiskers is biotin, which is available at pharmacies and health food stores. Dermatologists recommend taking 2.5 mg of biotin per day. [4]
Other vitamins that promote whisker growth include vitamins B1, B6 and B12, as well as beta-carotene, linseed oil and castor oil.
There is also a multivitamin called VitaBear, which is specifically designed to promote beard health, which makes the beard grow faster and stronger. It also helps reduce itching and regulate skin oil levels. VitaBeard can be purchased on

motion. Regular, moderate to vigorous exercise is good for growing a thick, healthy beard because it helps stimulate testosterone production and promotes blood circulation. Good blood circulation is important because the blood carries the vitamins and nutrients needed for the skin and beard. Try to exercise cardiovascular and muscle exercises for the best results.

Ample rest and relaxation. Sleep is important because the cells are repaired and regenerated during sleep, which is an essential process for growing healthy beards. Your health and well-being depends on enough sleep, so you should maintain a good quality sleep for 7 to 8 hours a day. You should also try to reduce your stress because the pressure session causes hair loss.

Keep moisture your body. Your beard is not like a plant – absorbing more moisture won’t make it grow faster. However, keeping your body hydrated can improve your overall health. Water can carry out the body’s toxins and keep the skin moisturized – otherwise toxins and dryness will affect your beard’s healthy growth.

Choose a bearded role model. Long beard is a promise, it takes time and effort. There may be days when you want to give up and pick up the razor again. For this time, you may find that there is a model with a beard in your heart that can help you stick to it. A man with a beautiful, thick beard will provide a beard inspiration and motivation when you need it. Take a picture of this person and hang it in your bathroom. He will provide you with the strength to persevere, and let you get the courage of a man who dreams of.
Some men with incredible beards include: musicians John Lennon and Jim Morrison, philosophers Karl Marx and Freud, former US Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant and the legendary god Zeus and Poseidon.

Don’t believe that shaving your beard will make it grow thicker. You may have heard the suggestion that it will grow back twice the thickness before shaving the beard, but this is not true. After shaving the beard, the beard will grow out quickly, but then it will grow at a normal or even slower rate, so the benefits of shaving are limited.
In addition, your beard may “look” thicker as it grows out, but only because the roots of the hair are thicker and darker. Once the length of the beard increases, you can’t see the difference. [5]
Therefore, you only need to put the razor in the cabinet and let the beard continue to grow.

Growing for 4 to 6 weeks. It takes 4 to 6 weeks for the beard to grow to the proper length. It is very uncomfortable at the beginning. At this time, your beards are uneven. You will be ridiculed and ridiculed by friends and family. They understand your pursuit.
Therefore, you’d better start to have a beard during the holidays. This allows you to be protected from the sight of others.

Learn to deal with the problem of itching. The main obstacle to beard is to deal with itching. Itching is the main problem of allergic skin in the process of long beard, but don’t let it hinder you – to fight back! Wash your face with a mild face wash every day to keep your skin clean. Use soothing moisturizer to moisturize dry, flaky skin and reduce redness of the skin.
If itching is very troublesome, you can apply 1% hydrocortisone cream to relieve itching.
Remember that itching is temporary – when your beard grows to a certain length it will disappear – so be strong!

Use a dandruff shampoo to clean your beard. Washing your beard several times a week with dandruff shampoo can also help you relieve itching and wash away the dry skin that has fallen off, so that your beard becomes unsightly. If you like, you can also use a small amount of conditioner to make your new beard soft and healthy.

It is recognized that the speed and thickness of beard growth depend to a large extent on genetic factors. Unfortunately, no magical serum can make you grow very thick and bearded. The type of your beard depends to a large extent on genetic factors (thanks to Dad!) and the testosterone levels you produce. So no matter how good your beard is, you can only accept it and do your best to make it grow healthily.
Avoid using (such as Rogaine) hair extensions to promote the growth of the beard because the FDA has not confirmed that it can be used on facial hair. If used on the face may cause skin irritation, long acne.


You always want to have a beard, but the genes are not strong, and your hair follicles are not as helpful as you would expect. In addition to going to a local theater shop to buy a fake fake beard, you can try some ways to grow a thicker beard. This article will introduce you to several ways you can help with your storage. Please see below!

Let the beard grow naturally

Let it be. For men with scarce beards, it seems to be a distant dream to save a decent jaw or moustache. However, as long as you are not really indifferent, time is actually on your side.
During the process of growing the beard, it may seem plaque and uneven. But as the beard grows, the slower growing hair follicles will grow their hair, and gradually – after three weeks (or longer) – the mottled parts will eventually be long or short beards. cover.
If you can stick to a shave for about a month, you can harvest a furry chin and moustache.

Wait patiently for at least four weeks. It may be frustrating to store your hair, because your jaw and mustache will experience a jagged stage that will lead you to comment on you.
do not give up! If you just need to take time to save, then it’s fortunate that some people may use up their methods or they can’t grow a beard at all.

Stick to the beard. Once your beard has reached a certain starting length (about 1 cm), use scissors or pliers to avoid the beard looking too messy. Some hair may grow faster and look a bit untidy. If you keep the length consistent, even if the beard is mottled, it will look like it is deliberate, not as if you have drunk in recent weeks.
A household hair trimmer is a good tool for keeping your beards tidy. They usually have a guide to use, so family stylists won’t cut too much at once.
After the beard grows out, the length of the trim can also increase.

Ensure proper nutrition

Take vitamins that promote hair health. You can use hair growth therapy on your face with full expectation, but the conditioning from the inside out is always better. Think about it: Your body is like a factory. To grow anything from it, you need to run the factory efficiently and have enough resources to keep it running. Your hair is the same. Here are a few vitamins and which foods contain these vitamins, which can be used to power the body’s hair growth:
Vitamin A: This vitamin stimulates sebum production, which helps maintain the moisture in your hair follicles and skin – which is very helpful in keeping your hair looking healthy. Vitamin A is found in eggs, meat, cheese, liver, carrots, squash, broccoli and dark green green vegetables. [1]
Vitamin C: It not only helps to strengthen your immune system, but also keeps your hair and skin healthy. Citrus can be used as a substitute for natural vitamin C. Other foods such as green peppers, dark green vegetables, potatoes and tomatoes are also rich in vitamin C. [2]
Vitamin E: It has always been hailed as a magic weapon for healthy skin, and it also promotes blood circulation – an ideal environment for hair growth. Vitamin E-rich foods include oils, green leafy vegetables, nuts and beans, and most people get enough vitamin E intake if they have a normal diet. [3] External use is also very beneficial.
Vitamin B3: It also helps to strengthen blood circulation, which has a positive effect on hair growth. It has been reported that vitamin B3 and biotin are taken together, and the effect is more remarkable. Vitamin B3 is found in beef, chicken, fish and malt. [4]
Vitamin B5: Also known as pantothenic acid, it helps fats and proteins work in the body, which is necessary for healthy hair. In addition, there are reports that it helps reduce stress, which inevitably hinders hair growth. Saccharomyces cerevisiae, broccoli, avocado, egg yolk, animal offal, duck, milk, lobster, whole wheat bread and other foods contain natural vitamin B5. [5]
Folic acid. This vitamin helps thicken the hair and is needed for hair growth and repair. Whole wheat bread, cereals, green leafy vegetables, peas and nuts.

Increase biotin intake. Biotin is an important water-soluble B vitamin that is required for the formation of fatty acids and glucose, and is also an essential component of the metabolism of amino acids and carbohydrates. Lack of biotin can cause hair loss, so make sure your intake meets the recommended dosage. The recommended daily dose of biotin is 30-100 mg. [8]
Biotin is found in liver, oysters, cauliflower, beans, fish, carrots, rubber, soy flour, egg yolks, grains, yeast, and other foods. You can of course take bio-based vitamin supplements (most popular brands on the market), but eating fresh food is always a better way.
Some people say that biotin can promote hair growth, but this has not been confirmed. However, if hair loss is caused by a lack of biotin, then there is nothing wrong with ensuring that you have taken the lowest recommended amount.

Caring for the beard (also caring for yourself)

Care for the skin. To make those tiny and slow-growing hairs complete their missions, skin health should be a top priority in terms of grooming.
Exfoliate the face. Apply an exfoliating mask once a week for use with eucalyptus oil. This is good for the skin and promotes and stimulates hair growth.
Use skin care products that are good for hair health. A shampoo or facial cleanser containing a vitamin B complex can help.

Adjust your stress. A major side effect of stress is hair loss. If your goal is to grow your beard, then let your body’s hair follicles reach their optimal potential. This means avoiding stressful conditions, eating at the same time, or taking vitamin supplements that help the body fight against stress (vitamin B5 is good for stress regulation). [10]
Try practicing yoga or meditation. Listen to relaxing music. Relax yourself with sports, fitness, or whatever you like.

Take low doses of aspirin (81 mg) daily. This dose is the same as that used by people who maintain a healthy heart. The principle is to promote blood circulation. It can bring a healthy scalp and stimulate the growth of whiskers.

Ask a doctor for advice. For optimal results, testosterone therapy should be performed under close supervision. Excessive testosterone will be counterproductive, but will hinder hair growth.
Testosterone can be administered by injection, topical or oral (but not recommended because it has an adverse effect on the liver).
Testosterone does not accumulate, so you need to maintain a daily supplement before your beard grows. Other methods can also help with solid hair, such as minoxidil tablets or skin grafting.
It can take up to a year for testosterone to be effective. [12]

Visit a plastic surgeon. For some people, the natural way is not, no matter how you try, the beard is not willing to “set home” on your face. If other methods fail, the orthopaedic surgeon can help, and they can transplant the hair follicles behind the brain (usually) directly to the face.
This type of surgery is usually an outpatient procedure and can cause mild skin irritation. It takes time to achieve your desired results after surgery – one to two years.

Try to build a hair lotion on your face. Note that this is not an “authoritatively recognized” use of minoxidil, but many people find this method very effective in stimulating facial hair growth.
If you are not sure what you would like to have a goatee, moustache or squat, and don’t want to wait until the beard grows out, you can go to the theater shop. For centuries, actors have been sticking fake beards on their faces. They can help you try a few styles and give you a direction.
Nothing can be a perfect replacement for a gene, so even if you keep a good diet and can make a product on your skin or help, there is no magic guarantee that will make you a big beard in a month. Most treatments, even if they are effective, take a year or two to make the effect appear.
Hydrocortisone is a steroid hormone. Some rumors have reported that some people have successfully developed hair through this method (there is no medical evidence to support this), and topical cortisone is absorbed into the body. Prolonged use can cause serious side effects, including blisters, skin damage, hair growth on the forehead, back, arms and legs, and lighter skin tone. [14][15]


Men’s beards grow fast and are often affected by genetics and body hormones. Studies have found that men’s beards grow faster and their fertility is stronger. Some beautiful men like personal beards, so they want to pursue thick beards. So, how do you make your beard grow thick? The following small series to give you a few ways to help male long beard, you may wish to try.

How to make your beard grow thick
1. Use a blade razor instead of an electric razor to ensure at least one shave per day, which will make the beard more and more dense. The premise of this is: normal secretion of androgen secondary characteristics of people who are obviously non-genetic factors and less beards, under such premise, to ensure that the beard is thicker once a day. The longer the beard is, the faster it is. The use of a blade-type razor can make the soft beard thicker and thicker, and the thicker it looks thicker.

2, in life, consciously eat more foods that help to secrete androgen, such as meat, animal offal, vegetables in the leek, potatoes, etc., beans, cereals.

3, diet recipes: a pair of cock’s testicles, the king does not leave fifteen grams, add the right amount of water first fry the king does not stay for 30 minutes, go to the slag, add the main cock testicles, and then fry for 10 minutes, warmly drink, Once a day, this can promote the secretion of androgen, the male hormone secretion is normal, and the thick beard is still used.

4, you can use beard planting to make the beard thick, beard planting – belongs to a microsurgery, is the use of advanced hair follicle extractor, extract some healthy hair follicle tissue from the patient’s own posterior occipital, in low temperature environment After special separation and activation, it is planted in a sparsely sparse area according to the pre-designed beard position and the natural growth of the beard. After the hair follicles to be planted survive, a new healthy beard will grow.

How to do when the beard grows fast
1. Shave after half an hour after getting up.

Since the person’s reproductive function has revived after a rest, the beard grows fastest when he gets out of bed. At this time, the beard and the beard will grow up soon. After about 30 minutes, the secretion of androgen in the human body is not so strong, and the growth rate of the beard is reduced. At this time, if it is scraped, it will not grow soon.

2. shaving in order

The normal order of shaving is: from the left to the right of the face, from top to bottom, first smooth the pores, then shave against the pores. After shaving, wipe the foam with a hot towel or wash it with warm water. Check that there are no beards. The correct shaving method can shave the beard to prevent the cicada from feeling unclean.

3. Tighten the skin to reduce stress

It is best to tighten the skin when shaving, to ensure that the razor does not have any resistance, which can prevent the skin from being scratched. Especially for those who are old or thin, the skin is prone to wrinkles, and the skin should be tightened to maintain elasticity and support.

4. avoid shaving before and after exercise

Because the body will sweat a lot after exercise, the human hair follicles will increase, stimulating the skin just after shaving, will produce a burning sensation. Be very careful when shaving, don’t be too hasty, everything should be done in accordance with the correct method of shaving, do male care and beard care, so as not to hurt your body.


The man’s beard grows fast and grows prosperously by the body’s male hormones. Some men have strong male hormones, so the beard always grows in a day or two. The teenagers who have entered adolescence have begun to have long beards. Some boys have longer beards than ordinary people. So what happens when the 15-year-old beard grows faster? The following small series is for everyone to introduce.

What is the reason why the beard grows fast?

Studies have confirmed that the growth of the beard depends on the stimulation of androgen, which is stimulated by the pituitary to produce sex hormones. Of course, the growth of the whiskers is also affected by the hair follicle receptors. The more hair follicle receptors, the more “bursty” the beard grows. Because of the existence of hair follicle receptors, men with strong androgen secretions have different shapes of beards, more receptors are denser, and fewer recipients are more sparse. The growth of the beard has its natural laws, usually beginning to grow during puberty, when it is quite soft hair. Men’s beards after puberty generally grow faster than hair, which is the result of androgen action. In adulthood, the color of the beard is generally the same as the hair, and the texture is hardened. At this time, the reproductive function has also stabilized.

The rate of growth of all hair on the body is approximately 1/2 inch per month, which is 1.27 cm. Some people think that the beard grows fast because the man’s beard is usually shaved, so the growth of the beard creates a significant illusion. Some people’s beards grow faster, while others are slower, but if you take a large average, you are half an inch a month.

When a man is an adult, there are two situations in which the beard is mad. In one case, when the androgen is secreted in the body, such as an adrenal tumor, the beard will grow wild under the stimulation of excessive androgen; the other is taking too much male. Hormones and products cause excess androgen in the body, and the beard will grow wild.


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