How to lighten black skin naturally and effectively

Men and women are always trying to keep themselves beautiful and tidy. Everyone wants to highlight themselves in front of everyone. Who does not want to have a beautiful, bright color? The one who wants all, beautiful, bright skin. Because of this, everyone took refuge in various chemicals, including Fairness Cream. These are very harmful to the skin.

The easiest way to make the color of the natural color and domestic colors is easy. Not only that, the white color that you get in this way will be permanent. Beauty is the one that comes from within. Let us know, there are two more ways to naturally change color.
Milk and raw yellow:



Sour yogurt contains lactic acid which performs as bleaching. You can use this ingredient on all skin types. Sour yogurt is a good ingredient to make the skin beautiful. You will see a good result if you use sour yogurt on your face regularly. Sour yogurt help to eliminate many skin problems if you use this by mixing with other ingredients in the house. Use of sour yogurt on skin regularly, it make skin brighter, removes unwanted skin scars and pigmentation of the skin, and remove sunburn in a very short time.

There is plenty of lactic acid in the sour yogurt, which removes the dehydration of the skin and tightens the skin. Apart from this, it contains Vitamin B12, which acts as a natural bleach on the skin. As a result, skin spots are easily removed. And the calcium and zinc of the sour yogurt remove the roughness of skin and soften the skin.

Method of using -1:
Take some yogurt on your palm and gently rub it on your face and after a while wash your face with lukewarm water. Apply this every day and you will see that your skin color changes after several weeks.
Method of using -2:
Mix together one tablespoon fresh sour yogurt and half tablespoon honey and apply this on the face and neck and wait 15-20 minutes. Then wash it with water. If you apply this face pack every day, It will change your skin color and tone.
Method of using -3:
Mix yogurt, lemon juice, and oatmeal, and paste it as a face mask. It will keep the skin soft and moisturize.


To make the skin brighter or shining, use a home-made face pack, without using the cosmetics bought from the market. Without any side effects, these will bring natural brightness to your skin. You can use regularly face pack of orange peel to make the skin soften and brighten. Vitamin C and acidic ingredients in orange peel remove the black spots in the skin and keep skin brighter. To make a face pack, dry orange peel in strong sunlight and make it as a powder. Collect this powder in a jar.

Orange peel and Almond oil:
Mix half a teaspoon of orange peel powder with 1 tablespoon almond oil. Use the mixture on the skin. After 10 minutes wash the mouth with lukewarm water and wash the mouth. If you use this face once a week, natural glowing will come to the skin.

Orange peel and aloe vera gel:
Mix half a teaspoon of orange peel powder with 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel and apply it on the skin. After 15 minutes, wash the skin with lukewarm water. Use this face pack once a week.

Orange peel, coconut oil, and turmeric:
Mix half a teaspoon of turmeric powder with 1 pinch of turmeric powder and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. Apply on the skin. After 10 minutes, wash the skin with lukewarm. Use this twice a day to shine the skin.

Gram Flour

We all like to be bright. Do you know, where is the real secret of this glowing skin? By using only one component, you will understand the differences in your skin tone. This ingredient is gram flour. Gram flour has been using from ancient time for beauty care. One of the few common things in our kitchen is gram flour. Its work is not only to make fried foods apart from this there are also many uses of gram flour. Many people have been using gram flour in beauty care as well as various skin problems. Gram flour removes the dead cells from the skin and makes the skin shine. It is possible to change visible changes on the skin by using a regular pack of gram flour. Gram flour can be used for skin whitening and skin toning and to eliminate various problems of skin such as unwanted hair on the face.

Gram flour, lemon juice and yogurt:

To remove the dark spots on face, add 4 teaspoons of gram flour, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of sour yogurt and make a paste. Apply this on your face and neck and wait till drying. Wash your face with lukewarm water after drying. It makes the skin soft and brighter. Use 4-5 times a week for better results.

Gram flour, lemon, and milk:

Gram flour, lemon, and fresh milk are very effective to increase the brightness of the skin. Mix 4 teaspoons of gram flour, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and one spoon of fresh milk very well and make a paste. Apply this paste according to a circular motion on the face. Wait till dry. Then wash your face with cold water.

Those who have oily skin, add 3 teaspoons of gram flour, 2 teaspoons of fresh milk, or 2 teaspoons of sour yogurt and apply this on the face. Wash your mouth after 20 minutes. This pack removes excess oil in the skin and removes the dirt from the face.


Honey is a natural element that increases the brightness of the skin, keeps the skin soft, and eliminates nigrescent. Honey is very effective to kill acne bacteria. There are no alternatives to honey if you want to get very bright skin. It contains anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiviral components. Using regular honey, the skin becomes brighter. All of us know about many valuable properties of honey. Honey is very effective in protecting our health, reducing weight, skin care, and effective for any kind of skin care. You may know that honey is much more beneficial in skin care. Honey has a natural moisturizer as a result, it makes the skin fresh and shining.

Honey and lemon juice

Mix one teaspoon of lemon juice with teaspoon honey and massage it for 20 minutes. Then wait 20 minutes. Wash with lukewarm water. See, your skin will shine brightly.

Honey and sour yogurt

Mix one tablespoon of honey with one tablespoon of sour yogurt. Wait 20 minutes. Then wash it with lukewarm water. It is quite effective for oily skin. You can also use this pack to remove acne from the skin.

Honey and papaya

Make two slices of papaya and add two teaspoons of honey to make a thick pack. Apply this pack on face and massage it gently. After 15 minutes wash the face thoroughly. It is more beneficial for dry skin. Also, you can use this pack to remove age impression.


Do you love lemon or lemon juice? Do you know that this sour fruit is used for different purposes? In addition to cooking, the result of this process is not the end of the process. This is not the end of the benefit of the fruit in beauty care as well as cooking. This small fruit is nutritious. It contains lots of vitamin C, D, antioxidant, fat, magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, carbohydrate, phosphorus and proteins. Lemon is used in skin care since ancient times. The benefits of lemon are many in beauty treatments. It is a very effective ingredient in beauty care for those who have extra oily skin. The anti-toxin component of lemon removes excess oils and makes the skin bright and smooth. Besides, it helps to remove the black spots, pimple, dark circle under eye and acne sport on the face.

Cut out a half part of the lemon and take out its juice. Now mix 2 tablespoons honey with lemon juice and apply the mixture for 15 minutes on the skin. After drying, wash it with cold water. The honey will brighten the skin and the natural elements of the lemon make the skin brighter. Apply the same amount of cucumber juice and lemon juice to your face. This will refresh the skin by removing the oil from the skin.

Cut off half of a lemon and take out its juice. Now mix 10 tablespoons of milk with it. Now massage the mixture gradually on the face. Then wash after 15 to 2 minutes.

Mix juice of a half of lemon and one tablespoon of orange with egg white in lukewarm water. Put it in 20 minutes and wash it with cold water. It increases brightness as well as reduce skin oiliness.

Aloe Vera Gel

We all know that there is no comparison of aloe vera in skin care. Aloe vera is suitable for all types of skin, normal, oily and dry. Aloe vera scrub helps to increase the brightness of the skin by removing our skin’s dust, dirt, dead cells. Aloe vera is a very familiar name among all people worldwide. It plays a role on one side of the beauty care and it has also many medicinal properties. Aloe vera plays a role in preventing diabetes and constipation. Even aloe vera has plenty of use in every field of beauty care. Aloe vera does not have comparisons to eliminate sunburn, keep it smooth, to free the stain and to reduce the acne on the skin.

Aloe vera, turmeric and honey pack:

Mix aloe vera gel, a pinch of turmeric powder and honey together and make a paste. Keep this pack on the skin for about 20 minutes. Wash your face with lukewarm water after drying. Use this pack once a week. This will increase the skin’s brightness.

Aloe vera gel, cucumber juice, and sour yogurt face pack:

The face pack of aloe vera gel, cucumber juice, sour yogurt, and the essential oil is very beneficial for sensitive skin. Mix aloe vera gel, cucumber juice, sour yogurt with a few drops of essential oil. Wait 15 minutes by placing the pack on the face. When the packs dry, wash the face with cold water. It cleans your skin with excess oil, removes dirt and cleans the skin. It also gives freshness to the face. It is quite effective for sensitive skin.

Aloe vera gel and lemon juice  face pack:

Make a pack mixed with aloe vera gel and a few drops of lemon juice together. Use it on face and neck. Wait 15 minutes for drying the face pack, after that wash your face with lukewarm water. This pack helps in removing sunburn.


The color of our skin is black due to the presence of melanin. Melanin production increases on the skin due to various reasons including age, excessive sunburn, stress, excessive work in summer, and the skin becomes darker. Various types of black tint, uneven skin color, freckle, pigmentation etc appear on the skin. There is a variety of treatments and cosmetic products to make skin bright. But if you want, you can remove the black stain through only a few fruits and make the skin bright and youthful. Papaya has an element called papain, it also helps to brighten the skin by removing black stains.

Papaya brightens the color of the skin. There is no pair of papaya to bring lustrous to the skin. Take soft part of papaya on the palm and apply it on mouth, neck, hand, and feet 3 to 4 times a week. Wait till dry then wash it with lukewarm water. You can see changes in a week. Papaya brought back the skin’s aliveness. There is plenty of water in it to keep the skin alive and vivid. It is possible to get rid of wrinkle if you use papaya scrub regularly. Mash half cup of ripe papaya and mix one tablespoon of milk and a little honey with it. Apply this scrub on face and neck. Wash your face after 15 minutes with lukewarm water. Use this face mask once or twice a week.


Turmeric has been using in beauty care for a long time. Turmeric contains vitamin-C and B6, potassium, magnesium which can solve various skin problems. Especially the domestic solution of dry skin is turmeric. It also keeps the skin tight as well as remove any stains of the face, keep the skin moisturized. The magnesium component of turmeric contribute to glowing the skin and Vitamin B6 helps in the development of new cells by removing the dead cells. As a result, the skin becomes healthy.

Turmeric, milk, and honey:
Many people have mixed raw milk with raw green turmeric. Add a little honey to it. So, it will produce better results because honey will keep skin hydrated and soft. It will also prevent other skin problems like acne.

Firstly paste some turmeric then mix 2 tablespoons raw turmeric, 1 spoon honey, and 1 teaspoon milk. After this, put a thick paste on the face, neck, and back. Keep 15 minutes. Then wash it in cold water. Benefits will appear fast if you use this paste once in a week.

Turmeric, honey, and lemon:
This pack is very effective for those who have oily skin as well as who have dry skin too. It will control the excess oil as well as help to reduce acne and glow the skin.

Make a raw turmeric paste. Now add lemon juice and honey to it and mix together very well. Now apply this paste on face, neck, and throat. Wash after 10 to 15 minutes. After washing the face, see how glowing is done. Use this paste once in a week. Skin will be healthy and glowing within 2 months.

Turmeric, yogurt, and avocados:
This is a great face pack, which will give your skin a radiant look! First, blend the avocado very well and make a smooth paste. Now add 2 tablespoons turmeric, 1 spoon honey to 1 spoon avocado. Apply this smooth paste on face and massage gently. Then keep it for 10 minutes. Then wash the face with the cold water. Use it one day a week. Then you will be glad to see your skin.


We can use vitamin C and antioxidant-rich cucumbers for skin care. It helps to maintain the youthfulness of the skin. Besides, it is also incomparable to remove acne and sunburn. The quality of the rabbit cannot be finished by describing. As cucumber is used in cooking, eating and drinking, it is also used in beauty care. Cucumber helps in reducing excess fat in the body or in beauty care, there are very few ingredients that are beneficial like a cucumber.

We can not finish by describing the benefits of the cucumber. Cucumber face pack helps to keep skin normal during hot weather.
Cucumber face pack will remove acne and wrinkle if you use it regularly. The dark circle under the eye will be eradicated if you put a slice of cucumber on the eye. Practicing regular use of cucumber slice on the eye will remove dark circle under the eyes.
The most commonly used fruit for salad is a cucumber. It contains plenty of vitamins-C, vitamin-A and lots of antioxidants and many other nutrients. There is also plenty of diary fiber in its shell. The skin loses its normal luster in hot weather. During this time, cucumber skin helps keep the skin soft, maintaining skin brightness, skin freshness, and smoothness. So let’s not know how to use cucumber in beauty care.

Cucumber and lemon juice:
Keep in mind that if you want to be white, you can mix some drops of lemon juice with cucumber juice, rub it regularly on your face, hands and feet, or you can slice the cucumber and rub it on the face. After drying wash your face with cold water. Cucumber is very useful for oily skin.

Cucumber and aloe vera gel:

You can make a face pack by mixing aloe vera gel with cucumber. Mix 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel with grated cucumber for 2 to 3 minutes. Then put the paste 15 to 20 minutes on the face and neck. Then clear the face and throat with lukewarm water. It helps to get back the lost brightness of the skin.

Yogurt and cucumber:
Face packs can also be made with yogurt and cucumber. Make a well paste using a cucumber. Then add 2 spoons of yogurt with the paste. apply this paste on face and keep it for 15 minutes. Then wash the face in light hot water. This pack is very good for oily skin. It is quite useful for oily skin problems like acne problems. It works for sensitive skin and is quite useful.


Everyone knows oatmeal. Oatmeal has gradually become popular in our country because of its ability to reduce fats and cholesterol. But do you know that oatmeal can be used for the beauty of the skin? Oatmeal is actually very good for all skin types. But especially those who have acne or rash problems on the skin, oily extra oils or so sensitive are those who struggle to take proper care of the skin. Because oatmeal’s soothing action reduces the inflammation of the skin, removes the redness of the skin and immediately absorbs excess oil from the surface of the skin. Many people do not even know that oatmeal has the ability to remove skin dryness and black spots of skin. If you use it regularly in the skin care, your skin will be free from darkness and the skin will be brighter and the skin tone will be magnificent. Apart from those who do not like to use too much alkali soap or facial wash, they can use oatmeal for washing their face because It can clean up the skin from deep very well.

Oatmeal and rose water:

Make a pack by mixing two teaspoons oatmeal with one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon rose water. Now apply this pack and wash it with cold water after 15 minutes. It will make the skin smooth and soft.

Oatmeal and lemon juice:

Make a pack by mixing one teaspoon of lemon juice and one teaspoon olive oil with two teaspoons oatmeal. Now, wait 20 minutes after packing this face. Moisturizer is washed with cold water. It is quite useful to remove acne.

Oatmeal and milk:

Heat oil in milk and cool it. Now apply this pack and wash it with cold water after 15 minutes. This pack is very beneficial for oily skin.



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