How to remove oil from face, home remedy and tips

They have more problems with skin, whose skin is oily. Oil does not agree with anything in the face of the gluten face. The skin on the surface is dirty to the skin. In all, oily skin is easily attacked by acne attacks. Good luck, expensive facials, etc., do not get rid of oily skin. After a while, the oil came back to the skin and your dirty look. Today, there are 4 ways to get rid of this pain forever!
Salt spray


Many people use honey has for skin care since ancient times. It helps to overcome uncomfortable oily skin problems and it also removes blackheads pimple and reddish grains from the skin. It helps to tighten the skin and moisture the skin.


Oatmeal is actually very good for all skin types. But especially those who have acne or rash problems on the skin, oily extra oils or so sensitive are those who struggle to take proper care of the skin. Because oatmeal’s sleeping action reduces the inflammation of the skin, removes the redness of the skin and immediately absorbs excess oil on the surface of the skin. Many people do not even know that oatmeal has the ability to evacuate the skin by removing the tan and black flashes of skin. If you use it regularly in the skin care, your skin gets darker and the skin is brighter and the skin is more forceful than the skin. Apart from those who do not like to use too much alkali soap or facial wash, they can use oatmeal for washing their face because it can very well clean up the skin from deep.

Egg whites

There is no substitute for nutrition in health and skin. Eggs are not only good for taste, but these are the main ingredient for many skin problems, but there are thousands of roles. The white part of the egg trim the skin, it is rich in protein and albumin. The use of sunlight, pollution, excessive smoking and alcohol, obesity, rapid weight loss, food acne, indexation habits, chemical cosmetic products, skin elastin, and collagen is damaged. As a result, many other problems including oily skin, acne, wrinkle, etc. are seen. The white part of the egg absorbs excess oil from the skin. Even vitamin and mineral skin in the egg white may be beneficial for the skin.

Oily skin may cause acne. Due to skin tearing and reducing skin pores, the white part of the egg is released from oily skin problems. Wash the face with light warm water before applying the egg white part of the egg. When the white part is dry using dry mouth, wash it with cold water. Use a soft towel to remove the face.

If the excessive oil starts to rise from the sebum inside the skin then the skin will look more oily. The face looks pretty black. At the same time, there are other skin problems including acne. Almond has the role to overcome such problems. In this case, with a handful of nut powder, soaked in water all night. The next morning, stirring the water and mixing it with a mixture of yogurt and making a paste. Now, wait for 10-15 minutes by placing it on your face. Then wash the face with hollow hot water. Thus, this face mask will be used to remove oily skin problems every day, as well as the skin, will become bright and vivid.

Aloe vera

Oily skin irritation increases when the heating increases. Acne increases in the incidence of dust. To remove the feeling of excess oil in the skin, you can use Aloe Vera’s face regularly. Aloe vera works in three ways to protect sensitive skin.


Oily skin can be really uncomfortable and shameful, so massage the face with tomato juice and mix the lemon juice with the tomato juice and wash it with cold water for 15 minutes. In the winter, the skin becomes dry. Apply moisturizer or oil in the mouth, then your face becomes oily. Many of us have oily skin and these decorations face more deterioration. At this time, you can try some domestic methods to take care of your oily skin There are many natural ingredients that you can use for oily skin treatment, For example, the tomato is the best ingredient that is treated with oily skin, it is one of the main ingredients that is found in every kitchen. Apart from cooking, the tomato is quite familiar with beauty. Many domestic packages are used for this Tomatoes are a natural compressor that helps to clear the skin of your skin. Tomatoes are also antioxidants that help your skin to look young and fresh for a long time.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil contains some special vitamins that are beneficial for the skin. Jojoba oil helps to keep skin moisture for a long time. Its Vitamin E, B, and Mineral help reconstruct the skin to make the skin beautiful and soft. Its vitamin E helps in the growth of the hair, by adding the necessary vitamins to scalps, the hair is strong and bright and free from dandruff.

Jojoba oil is unique in beauty practice, which is collected from the seeds called Djjab. Djzaba protects the skin from excessive toxin and acts as a protective skin. And when the skin becomes excessively rubbish, then the jojoba oil can help to smooth the skin by removing the roughness.

jojoba oil is available in vitamins such as Vitamin E and B and mineral such as gin and copper. Especially when the skin becomes dry and deteriorated with the increase of the adult and fails to make a lot of the amount of skin required for the skin, Djzaba oil plays an important role in skin care.


Astringents of cucumber help prevent excess oil emission from the skin. Wait till the juice of dry smell is dried, then wash it with cold water. Also, if you have time to smash the skin on the skin. Vitamin A and E and magnesium-rich cucumbers are more effective for release from the pain of oily skin. Playing regular cucumbers can also help to avoid oily skin pain.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple Cedar Vinegar is very effective in protecting health and skin. It is rich in acetic, citric, malic and amino acids. As well as it contains vitamins, enzymes and mineral salts which are beneficial for the skin. Apple cider vinegar helps to increase the blood flow of the skin. This is a great remedy for oily skin users. Because it helps to control the pH level of the skin. Apple Cider Vinegar has antimicrobial properties that are very effective in preventing the growth of different species of bacteria. It is an extremely powerful antimicrobial. A study found that ACV is particularly useful for preventing these bacteria, known as Escherichia coli and S. aureus (Staphylococcus aureus) bacteria, which is one of the reasons for acne. Oily skin can be seen to be more acne, so it is particularly effective for the oily skin.

Lemon juice

Lemon is used in skin care since ancient times. Lemon benefits are many in beauty treatments. Extra Oily skin is an important component of rupture. The anti-toxin, which is lemon, removes excess oils and makes the skin bright and smooth. Know the benefits of lemon in skin care in the domestic system. What is the skin of your face oily? After many things repeatedly come back? Oily skin causes many problems; Acne, melancholy, black spots are many types of problems that fade your beauty. However, keeping the skin clean, this problem is removed. Lemon juice for oily skin is very beneficial.


Sour yogurt works just as well as protecting your health, so it also works to turn your skin and hair back. Especially the oily skin and rough hair care should be talked about like a trusted name. Many of us are worried about oily skin. We are even bothered. Because oily skin is acne, even makeup does not sit well and it does not last long. The skin is sensitive to sensitive skin. So take care of it properly. And it must be done with sour yogurt. On the other hand, the rough hair, many of us are hesitant to use anything on the hair, for them, use them to talk to your child without any thought. So some people can use yogurt for the skin to stay skinny. The first choice of those who want to preserve the natural beauty is of course.


Skin oily is a bit annoying. Excess oil causes various damage to the skin. Oily skin causes acne inflammation and more. If you go out and makeup, you can not get relief from oily skin. We do not do anything to remove skin elasticity. But what I will do today is a very simple method and at low cost and in a short time you can do this with oily skin care. You can use milk as a cleanser. The milk helps to remove dirt, dead cells and blackheads from the skin’s lymph nodes. In addition, it removes the fat of the skin and keeps the dry skin moisture.




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