How to remove stretch marks permanently

During pregnancy, due to hormonal problems or sudden fat, there is stretch marks or scars in the body. Usually, the trail marks on the waist, neck folds, stomach, hands or feet are black spots, which looks bad to look at. Most girls suffer from this problem.
Various types of cream, lotions, and gel are available in the market to eliminate this stain. You can use them or you can use some domestic ingredients. This black spot will be removed without any side effects. Then know what the ingredients-
#Argan oil

Stretch mark is a kind of issue for pregnant women! But the Aragon Oil Stretch Mark, the hiding skin works as a remedy for everything. Vitamin E present in it makes the skin tangled and fertile. Massage argan oil to the whole body. Find good results. In addition to these, you can use argan oil at nails, hands and lip moisturizer. But yes, if you want to get good results, you must use them regularly.

#Lemon juice

Lemon juice has natural acids that remove the stain. It also works well to eliminate the stretch mark. Massage lemon juice on the stretch mark. Wait 10 minutes. Then wash it. Try to do this work every day.

#Egg white

Separate egg white part of the yolk. Clean the position of the stretch mark with water. Then apply the thin splint of egg whites. Wash with water after drying. Then put olive oil massage in it. Take it twice a day.

#Potato juice

The potato contains calcium, proteins, and iron which brightens the skin. Potatoes that can bleach naturally So take a potato and spread it over two spots on the scalp. If it feels like juice, wait 15 minutes and wash it. Potato juice works especially to brighten the skin and to remove skin scars. If there is a problem with the Stretch Mark, you can give potato juice there. Wash after drying the potatoes juice. After using several weeks, the strain marks will be removed.

#Olive oil

During pregnancy, weight gain increased the number of stretch mark problems on the skin. Stretch marks on the skin are called scratches. Olive oil is quite beneficial to reduce this stretch mark. Olive oil contains essential nutrients and antioxidants for the skin. It increases blood flow and makes the skin flexible.


Use of eggs, lemon, sugar, turmeric, and corn oil in a domestic way can help you get rid of this problem. The body’s stretch marks disrupt your beauty. So everybody must be careful about it. Sometimes this disease can occur if there is a lack of body nutrients. But if you have more problems then you should consult the skin specialist. Cut the lemon into it and add sugar to it. Now grate the lemon with the sugar on the stretch mark. Wash well when sugar is melted. If you can do this process four times a week, it will become light if the stretch mark

#Castor oil

Castor oil is available in any super shop or cosmetic shop. The price is not too high. This oil is used to remove the skin of the skeleton or to remove any scars. To remove stomach stains, the skin should be covered with a thin cloth to massage the stomach with castor oil. Then put a hot water bag on it and keep it for 30 minutes. Then bathing is good. If it is at least one month then maternal stains will almost become extinct. Massage the amount of cooker oil on a stretch mark for 5-10 minutes. Place this place with a thin cotton cloth. Keep it with a hot water bottle at least half an hour. Make it one month every day. You will see the stains are light.

#Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel can be fitted directly for maternal stains. Take an aloe vera leaf and take it with a teaspoon of gel and put it in the spot of the scars. After 20 minutes, lightly washed in hot water. If it is a few weeks the stain will definitely decrease. Aloe vera is effective in removing many stains of the skin. Take out the green part of Aloe vera’s fresh leaves and take out the inner gel, add 10 minutes to the gel stroke mark. Rotate well, it will increase the blood circulation of the skin.


Leave the apricot beans and make a paste of it and leave it for 15-20 minutes twice a day.


There are plenty of vitamins and minerals in the tea. Vitamin B helps in maintaining the normal color of the skin. Take two tablespoon tea and a little salt in some water to remove the stretch mark. Put the mixture on the stretch mark and dry it. Then it will be washed with water.


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