Treatment for lower back pain home remedies and home tricks

Lower back pain incidence is higher in winter than at any other time. In our country, women have more problems with lower back pain than men. Women work more unconsciously. And most of the house’s work leaned. So they are in the lower back pane problems anytime.

But the problem is there is no treatment that will completely eliminate the lower back pain. But there are some remedies that you can get rid of the lower back pain.

Two-thirds of patients with back pain are seen to have sleep problems. Those who suffer from insomnia, their back pain can be seen to be excessive. Only the pain cannot be solved by treating it. If there is a sleep problem then he will have to be treated first.

The smallest reason for lower back painting is the type of wrongdoing. Pain is caused by joints, muscles, and pressure on the disc due to sitting in the wrong way.

Endorphin is a type of hormone that can reduce pain. Endorphin sends feelings of pain to the brain. In addition, endorphins relieve anxiety, depression, and depression related to chronic back pain. Aerobic exercise and meditation to increase the emission of endorphin
The advantage of taking hot therapy is that it stimulates blood flow, which brings pain relief elements in the back of the body and prevents pain from reaching the brain.



Two-thirds of the back pain patients have sleep problems. Those who suffer from insomnia, their back pain can be seen to be excessive. Only pain cannot be solved by treating this problem. If there is a sleep problem then he will have to be treated first.
Practice sleeping in a tight bed. As the whole body gets support, the pressure in the lower spines decreases. It is hard to say a tough bed but not wood, but the bottle that we use will be the same. Listen or be scratched. But do not get upset. This causes the waist to fall and the lower spine pressure can increase the pain. If you hear tears, you can get a waist surface so that you can sleep with a pillow in two hats.


From the reviews of back-end studies, it is seen from the review that exercise is the best solution to many people. Not just exercise. Rather than exercising, how to prevent back pain can also be useful. It is important to know what to do when picking up a heavy thing, how to stand or back to the bottom will be less.

It will not believe that only the exercise will reduce the back pain. But analyzing 23 research data (so that 31,000 participants) can be seen, actually, the only exercise reduces back pain and reduces risk of back pain. Besides, it is possible to reduce the risk of 45% if you have knowledge about how to reduce the back pain. It is possible to reduce the risk of back pain only through half of the exercise.

Knowing how to reduce back pain is beneficial, but only having the knowledge is not enough to avoid back pain. Besides this, exercise is necessary. Again the back belt (which some people wear while carrying heavy things), or special shoes to avoid the back pain cannot be seen as beneficial.

What is good for avoiding the exercise back pain? Studies show that, to increase the flexibility of the human body, to keep the body’s proper posture, to increase fitness, and to increase their back and core muscle strength, which are beneficial for back pain. It is important not only on the back but also in the hands.

How much time to exercise, it can not be said exactly. Participants in the study usually practice with groups 2-3 times a week, and at home. Continue this exercise from eight weeks to 18 months. If you stop exercise, the risk of back pain of one year will be less. Need to continue exercising to keep the risk of back pain permanent.

Some exercises can help you reduce back pain, such exercises can be seen here. Some people do not get to work at the end of the day. They can recover a simple exercise by sitting on the office desk, this exercise will end in less time and without disturbance. There are some exercises that can increase back pain instead of back pain. Exercise consciously everything. If needed, consult a trainee at the gym. Get advice from your physiotherapist or doctor.


One of the causes of back pain can be chronic and severe mental pain. There is a crisis or complexity in every human life. However, it should be practiced to remain stress-free even in these cases. Because of the pressure on the muscles, the neck and the back of the muscles under pressure. From this, back pain. Emphasize the importance of entertainment for life to keep people free from stress.
However, all the causes of pain are not wounds or injury to the body, some of the pain and troubles involved various emotional and emotional stress. This mental pain can gradually take our body from bad to worse. Therefore, it is important to see stress without taking care of stress and exhaustion. Endorphin is a type of hormone that can reduce pain. Endorphins impede pain to send the feeling of pain to the brain. Endorphin also relieves anxiety, depression, and depression related to chronic back pain. Aerobic exercise and meditation to increase the insertion of this endorphin.



Nowadays there are many offers in many parlors or gym body massage. Many times they might have seen these But all the time the body massage offers are avoided. Seeing the circulation of body massage in outer countries may have seemed to be luxurious, you might think Is there any benefit of body massage? Such a question must have arisen many times. Find out the extraordinary qualities of body massage.

Body blood circulation and pain reduction: There is no pair of body massage to reduce pain. Body massage increases the circulation in the body and the tissues of the affected area become normal, slowly. As a result, the pain decreased very fast. And so the body massage is a very effective way to reduce backache, neck pain, and to reduce leg pain. Body massage increases the blood circulation of the body. Different body massage increases blood circulation in different parts of the body and increases the immunity to the body.

To ease anxiety and stress, body massage can reduce stress and anxiety through a body massage. After a lot of pressure, the comfortable massage will make you neat. Stress hormone cortisol levels decrease the stress of the body is greatly reduced due to body massage.

Vitamin D

First, let’s know what vitamin D is useful. It is important to take care of him. If not, then you can not understand why this Vitamin is given so much importance. Regular sun pores begin to cure vitamin D deficiency within the body. As a result, the bones become so strong that the risk of injury is reduced. At the same time, the performance of joints, gases, and ankles began to increase.

Not only that, many more benefits are available in the match. For example, fungal infections are far away, improves heart health, improves disease resistance, helps sleep better, helps in the treatment of skin diseases, preventing cancer, reducing the incidence of multiple sclerosis and decreasing the amount of bad cholesterol in the body.


Magnesium is a necessary mineral in the body. It plays an important role in the body and brain. It is important to eat healthy foods to meet the demands of magnesium in the body. Magnesium contains spinach, black chocolate, tropical almond, avocado, salmon and other foods. Magnesium affects brain activity and mood. This reduces depression and reduces the risk of depression. Studies say, eating less magnesium lessens depression. Loss of mental health. Increases the performance of magnesium exercises. It helps to get blood sugar to muscle. It is said that it is very important for the athlete to eat magnesium.


Nowadays many people suffer from back pain problems. In most cases, we are responsible for our lifestyle. Many of the back pens start at the time of pregnancy, many times the delivery time – as part of the pain management, taking epidural at the bottom of the spine can result in back pain.

Once back pain problem starts, it is not possible to completely cure it, but control is possible. Many people try to control the pain medicines. But long-term painkillers may cause serious health problems such as kidney damage. Therefore, it is wise to think of controlling the back pain through free hand exercises such as Yoga or Yoga exercise, not dependent on medicines.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 deficiency leads to lack of sensitivity in hands and feet. At the same time, there may be problems in memory loss, inability to adjust during walking, inhalation, sleepiness, constipation, and headaches. There is also the problem of sadness, sight problems, tongue swelling, abnormal sound, and nervous disease. Let’s know about the health benefits of Vitamin B12.

Helps to increase energy

Vitamin B12 plays an important role in the formation of energy. It helps to feed and keep the cells healthy. Without this, your body cells become weak and tired of hungry. Nutrition is free from cells and helps protect your balance, which is necessary for you to think and move.

Necessary for bone

Studies have shown that high levels of homocysteine ​​and low levels of Vitamin B12 in osteoporosis can be compared to those of healthy and strong bone.



Many of us do many things to keep our body healthy. Someone walk in the morning, exercise, eat healthy food, etc. But in order to improve our student life, keeping our body healthy, we also need to keep our mind healthy; What we can do very easily by meditation is through meditation.

Meditation is such a condition that when our brain is absorbed in a certain subject by separating itself from unnecessary things and learning to use the power of the brain to the maximum and the best. Starting from the most powerful people in the world, a lot of the Nobel Laureates, scientists, or writers have a common habit of meditation, that is, meditation.


Hypnotherapy is a therapy that has spread over hundreds of years and has many physicians throughout the United States. Researchers have researched that demoniac can interfere with various types of treatment methods, from anxiety and intestinal syndrome to anxiety and depression. The goal for hypnotherapy is to help the patient learn their condition better control of their condition. In the case of depression, the hypnotherapy session can be focused on helping a person achieve a state of rest. In these health conditions, they can speak their feelings and emotions without raising stress and anxiety levels.
A hypothyroid session usually lasts approximately one hour. A trained physician uses several relaxation strategies to guide you to an assembled state. In this situation, you are still awake and aware. Feel your body more relaxed and the mind is more responsive to the therapist than advice.

Therapist’s suggestions will depend on the behavior or behavior of your behavior. Hypnotherapy can help to target unwanted or unhealthy habits and perhaps replace them with their healthy behavior. Examples include adjusting to poverty or anxiety or to counteract negative thoughts, which can lead to depression symptoms.


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